"Unique, Original designs for dog lovers everywhere."
Let us help you promote your favorite interests, we can
Embroidery on all types of items...shirts, hats, jackets, vests,
sweaters, ties, blankets,
( yes, even horse blankets and saddle pads )
towels and much more.
We will sew custom crate pads with your breed and kennel name,
"chastity belts" for your studs, and "period panties" for your bitch.
Sew in Love has the resources to transform your kennel logo,
family crest, almost anything into long lasting embroidery.
All copyrighted or licensed material must be appropriately released
before they can be reproduced. 
Sew in Love  reserves the right to decline service to anyone
requesting immoral or unethical embellishment of any item.


Froherz/ Winners/ Puppies/ Sew in Love

Jim &Vicki Wygant

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