That happened two years later when Abbott came into our lives. Abbott was owned by a young bachelor who didn't really have the time or the desire to have a pet Abbott was kept inside all day, and was never really housebroken. When his master came home at night and found piles and puddles, Abbott would get punished. When the master finally realized that nothing he did was doing any good, and wasn't likely to get better,  he offered Abbott to us. Unfortunately, much of the damage had already been done. Abbott was wary of men, and still flinches when a hand
is first offered in love.
Abbott is our watchdog (my husband calls him our early-warning system), our loving companion, and because he is neutered, he lets us know early on when one of our bitches is in heat (he's our "marker bull"). Nonetheless, that opened the floodgates and we entered the world of the "true to the standards of the breed" miniature schnauzers

We operate a child care center called "Happy Hearts", so we chose to call our breeding kennel Froherz (which loosely translated is German for "Happy Hearts").

We soon acquired Bunny (Ch. Kelly's Midnight Dream), and Jiggs (Kelly's Midnight Star II). Both are black schnauzers. Out of Bunny's first litter came Awesome (Ch. Awesom V Froherz), a knock-down, drag-out, gorgeous black dog who, in June, 1998, died in a tragic accident.

Our newest champion is Ch. Kelly's Daisey Mae V Froherz. A spunky, sassy salt/pepper who finished very quickly, walking away with three 5-point majors. Other members of our kennel include Noelle (Kelly's Sweet Sensation) [black/silver], Lulu (Dez-D-Mona V Froherz) [b/s], Ollie (Sumerwynd's Msoyl V Froherz) [b/s], Tootsie-B (Tootsie-B V Froherz) [b/s], Audrey Belle (Audrey Belle V Froherz) [black], and Kayla (Kayla V Froherz) [black].

Ollie is now being shown and is racking up points. She will soon be our next champion.

Our dogs are constantly exposed to the hubbub of our child care center, and are used to being handled and petted by many different children on a daily basis.

We are constantly seeking to improve our line through selective breeding, and under the gracious tutelage of several experts in the miniature schnauzer world,
whose advice we treasure.




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Jim &Vicki Wygant